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                       THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

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The People's Party - Common Sense & In Touch

The Democratic Party

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   Being in debt only indicates we must change from the same old parties of the Tories, LibDems & Labour. It 100% shows they can not run a country and are not in touch. Please stop voting for them.

NO Privatisation - Profitable companies should never be sold off.


NO to the EU - Trading with he EU is great but not their laws or allowing millions in while our services are being CUT!!


NO to Immigration - We admire those trying to make a better life but cutting our NHS, our economy getting further in debt yet adding more burden to it is plain stupidity.


NO to Foreign aid - £20Billion a year yet making cuts here is unfair to the taxpayer. We want to help the world but we must build foundations before we build the house.


How is it a Union when we have different rules?


We get the least tax spent per person than any other nation in the union, yet we put the most in. This must stop.


1 in 5 public sector jobs are given to the Scottish, only 1 in 12 people in the UK are Scottish. England should get more public sector jobs.


We pay £8.05 per prescription yet the other nations in the union get theirs for free, this must stop.


Our children have to pay £9000 per year tuition fees yet the other nations children get theirs for free.


English MP's have less power in the union than MP's from the other nations.


England has no direct parliament or assembly, the other nations do.


The BBC should be self sufficient, being forced to pay for TV is not democracy.


The Barnett Formula gives the English less out of the UK pot yet put the most in. We need to build a fairer system.


We will end the West Loathian question and make sure only English MP's can make decisions on English issues.


A President of England? The Royal Family we adore and we will always have one, they just will not be part of politics. In a democratic society the government is handed over by the people.


An achievable goal to get all energy from a green source.


Build a world at peace after building the foundations at home first.







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