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                       THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

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The People's Party - Common Sense & In Touch

The Democratic Party

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We will never make a promise we will not honour

1- NO to foreign aid (we hold many many charity events for the public to give their money, no MP should have the power to give billions of tax away without a referendum) NO to immigration while in debt. We admire anyone who wants a better life, but we must begin building at home first to be able to be strong to let people in.


2- All tax/revenue generated in England to be put back into England.


3- Health services and tuiton fees will always be free for residents in England.


4- Laws will be made/changed only by elected memebers and through referendums on major laws/changes to give more power to the people. House of Lords will change.


5- We will cut VAT/Business rates to allow companies to create more jobs and compete more globally.


6- The General Election will be set every 4 years and a national holiday on voting day, all Local Elections will be 2 years after the General Election also a national holiday on voting day, St George's day will also be a national holiday.  We will hold referendums alongside the local elections to give more power to the people.


7- Local powers/elections united into 1, districts. To have full time district councillors putting 100% into their communities.


8- Companies will be taxed on what they earn from this country and not allowed to hide in tax havens. We will endeavour to generate more money for England that is not from taxes but from our own companies.  We will also STOP LTD companies because it just breeds corruption allowing them to wipe off debt and leave smaller companies owed money. Maybe one day there will be no taxes because you will have a Government that works hard for the people.


9- To strive towards getting all energy from a green source and all residents to not pay for the essentials of life, water, gas and electric. The essentials of life is the Governments responsibility to provide.


10- To achieve a world at peace via building the foundations at home first. Where every child in the world has clean water, food, education, emergency services and the same chance in life.