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                       THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY

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The People's Party - Common Sense & In Touch

The Democratic Party

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All companies that earn money from the English people will pay the normal tax no matter where their HQ is based in the world. We will cut VAT & Business rates to allow companies to create more jobs and charge less to the consumers. We will stop privatising our companies that make us profit.



Only elected people can make/change laws. We will action reforms instantly and cut out a lot of red tape. Referendums will rise in our pursuit to give more power to the public on major issues. We will have referendums to vote on big changes to the country. I do not believe huge decisions like spending Billions a year of your tax abroad should be made by those in power who was voted in by 50% or less of the total votes.



More money from not subsidising or giving money away will enable us to invest in becoming as green as possible via harnessing Energy better from the Sun, Wind and Water. One day every vehicle, home and business will use energy generated from a green source.



More police on the beat creates a safer society. We Will increase the force and cut the paperwork. The whole country will be under CCTV for reference only  and watched in built up areas like town centre's, the greatest deterent is knowing it will be tough to get away. The punishment for most crimes will be increased.



BBC will become self sufficent, no more TV licence, having a fairer Britain the English side of the BBC will have more money to make great programs and create more jobs. More investments in English sports will happen once our tax is used properly. At the 2012 Olympics England would of finished 4th, with all the medals English athletes won on their own or as an English only team.



More money from being independent will mean a better defence.



Having the right priorities means more money and by putting England first with all your tax, we will grow faster than any Government before us.



We will abolish the word racism from society as it only suggests we are different when we are all part of one race, the human race. We will not allow people to be ridiculed for being a different colour, size or having different abilities.



Becoming independent holds no ties to Europe, no laws of ours will be made by Brussels ever and No money given either. We will continue to be part of the European market.



The most important job in society is being a parent, bringing up the next generation is also a priority of ours. It will be illegal for Baliffs to enter anyones home to take items because of debt, we will take a small amount from wages or benefits to pay their debt. The age of retirement will be set a 65 for males and females. All funerals will be FREE up to £7000 (you can add extras if you want) nobody should have the added burden and stress of dealing with a death.



Our goals after creating a stable England is to create a world at peace where every child has the same chance in life, from clean water to an education. No foreign Aid while in debt (read our manifesto)



A government that sells you a product that says will kill you is not a government that cares about your health, we will look to ban cigarettes and replace them with a healthier alternative, electronic cigarettes. The NHS will always be free to the residents of England and having the right priorities will allow us to invest much more in our health departments than ever before. We will 100% employ more nurses and create more beds/space. Waiting times will fall because of this.



Common sense says no more easy entry while we are in debt and unemployment is high. If you marry an overseas partner they won't be allowed in the country based on marriage, to stop marriages for citizenship, we will have a strict entry policy. We admire anyone trying to better their lives, but we won't add to the NHS or Police burden.



We will create a system that being in work pays better than being on benefit unlike the current system where there is no incentive to work. A system where job seekers allowance will only pay for the basics to live, food, clothes etc will encourage people to want to work (also giving the same benefits for low wage earners) No privatisation will ever happen under us, we will create rival companies in all sectors where we will only profit for research & development and more jobs. All public sector jobs concerning England will be posted in England. Companies taking your money should employ staff here and will be taxed more if they don't.



Sentencing will be shaken up, the prison system will be simplified, as a whole in all sectors we will achieve less costs, more staff and bigger deterrents from crime. Less paperwork, more officers. CCTV everywhere is the best deterrent.



We will allocate county powers to the district council and abolish the county council. Town or parish issues will be decided by councillors voted in those areas in the district elections. Only one vote for local government every 4 years will cut costs, galvanise action and give all local power to local people. This creates full time councillors dedicated to Local Government.



We will deport everyone who has come over here to live and ended up in jail and we will deport everyone who wants to harm our country. Again from having the right priorities we will have more money to invest in tackling crime with more staff and better technology.  We will put more police on the beat.



Tuition fees will be free for English residents. More universities built, lower class room sizes. Computer programming will become a subject in senior school and will move with the times where neccessary. English history the main subject in history lessons. Will debate whether to increase school time or cut school holidays to help parents work.All school meals will be free.



One day all transport will be electric powered from a green source.